Cooper's Mission for Neuroendocrine Cancer Research

We just recently had to tell Cooper what was going on with his Dad, my husband, Scott. Scott has stage 4 Neuroendocrine Cancer and has been fighting for 3 years, he has undergone 9 months of chemo, 4 surgeries and 4 more months of chemo. Cooper has recently been asking questions about Scott and why does he go to the doctor so much? Why does he go to the doctor in New York City? Why is Daddy in bed? This has been extremely hard on Scott and I (and the kids), but having to tell your son that his father has cancer, is absolutely heartbreaking. It is something that a 6 year old should NEVER have to think or worry about. Cooper has mentioned a few times recently that he is very worried. 

Almost immediately after we told him exactly what is going on, without hesitation,  he said "I want to raise money for Dad!". We can raise money. We talked about it and he decided that he wanted to make a bracelet and sell them. We picked out black and white striped beads to represent the color ribbon for Neuroendocrine Cancer and a scarlet red bead to represent Scott (and his love for his alma mater, Rutgers University- The Scarlet Knights). 

We need to find a cure to this currently incurable form of cancer. We need more research to find therapies to extend lives. 

Cooper will be making these himself (with a little help from us) and selling them to "everyone", per Cooper. He wants everyone to wear the bracelet he has created.

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