Run for the Stripes

September 11, 2014 was a day that changed my family's lives forever. This day, my husband, Scott was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It wasn't only cancer, it was an extremely rare from of cancer with no cure- Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (PNET). After opinions at three major hospitals, we chose an oncologist and Scott started his first treatment in October 2014. While doing research, I came across the Run for the Stripes. It is 5k run that is held at the Philadelphia Zoo in November that benefits Neuroendocrine Cancer. I knew immediately that this was something I needed to be involved in, I needed to do more than watch this all happen. We put together a team, fundraised like crazy and it paid off. Team Scott raised almost $10,000 that year for NET research. Scott made a goal at that race, he was going to run the following year. Next year came and Scott RAN the 5k (kicking my butt!). The bracelets I have created are to represent "zebra" support. NETS is considered a rare disease and this type of cancer is represented by a zebra print ribbon. ALL proceeds from the sales of these two bracelets will go to the Run for the Stripes. Something that is near and dear to our hearts. You can find more information about RFTS here- www. Run for the Stripes 2016